Entry 16 – Peanut Butter List

By HV Smith on February 24, 2013 in Employee Weblog

Say what? Let me explain. I have received a LOT of positive mail from readers of the YD Intranet. BUT nearly 77.8% of that mail has indicated that I may be headed for heart trouble if I keep holding onto anger. In an effort to address this, I am compiling a list of things I like, rather than loathe. Hence the name of this column! I’m a nutter lovah!

  1. Doing something FUN on the weekends. You know how Steve Kippelton in Redistribution Management always asks “Doing anything FUN this weekend?” on Fridays and then on Monday he asks, ” Do anything FUN this weekend?” You bet, Steve! And I ain’t tellin!
  2. New security badges. It’s like I work in Bladerunner!
  3. My new Taz slippers.
  4. Lamborghini posters.
  5. Those hats with the pony-tails built-in. SO FUNNY! A true classic.
  6. Not receiving a new flat screen monitor. Note: All CE Managers got brand new YD Flat Screen hi-res plasma screens this week. I obviously was not included in this bonanza, and while you might think I am bitter about this, I AM NOT. Because in three years, I will be the only person in Thornduke 3 free of bleeding eye cancer. And maybe that is something that a certain Assistant to the Regional Sales Rep should think about , when she treats people like skunk poo. Cause guess what, you can’t reformat a fax form template when your eyes are full of bleeding tumors, Cindy.
  7. Czech beer.
  8. Double sided tape.
  9. Did I already mention Peanut Butter? LOL. I don’t like the organic kind, though – what’s up with separation? No thanks. I didn’t order Peanut Oil.
  10. Impending upgrades at OrderUP! Sure the new pre-mades may cost more, but they are going to be so much quicker. We may even meet Q3 projections for efficiency. And we all know what THAT means!

Off to the Bagel-Dome.

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