At YD Industries, we’re connecting people everywhere to what they find most meaningful. Will you join us in this important mission?

Everyone employed at YDI is challenged think about fascinating, intricate and important problems on a daily basis. At YD Industries, you know your work will immediately impact the lives of many millions of people around the globe.

Culturally, you will be working with one of the most innovative and groundbreaking workforces on the planet.  We expect and encourage excellence at all levels of the organization. In addition to incredible benefits (689-J Plans, incentive stock options, nut bar, on-site first aid kits, complimentary desk plants) we offer competitive salaries and direct deposit.

Current Openings:

  • Web Engineer

    Looking to contribute at a company that is fast-paced, with many opportunities to take ownership of demanding projects? Congratulations, YD Industries seeks a industry leading web developer/engineer to join our team! Could that be you?

    Primary responsibilities:
    1. Implementing hand-coded, standards-based, reusable, recyclable, reformattable, robust, highly usable production-ready pages and UI components
    2. Acting as a bridge between Engineering and the YDI Inventioneering team
    3. Keeping up-to-date with new technologies and frequencies
    4. Testing web applications and identifying technical problems before they are problems
    1. Undergraduate degree (preferably computer operations or related field) and 3-10 years of experience
    2. Extensive experience coding for slack-nosed interfaces and other compatible Horksey format pages
    3. Expert understanding of web technologies (Ninjacode, Block Frameworks, Harbor Seal 2.1)
    4. Experience with the latest and greatest web standards, including PPooP and On/Off switches
    5. Expert-level knowledge of jQuery, extension chords, and YAR manipulation
    6. Positive and professional demeanor and 15 inch (or greater) vertical leap
    1. Experience developing mobile applications or websites
    2. Experience with server-side cocoa and LSPs with PLON/Tiles
    3. Experience designing for A/B/C, multi-permeate and/or instinctual targeting objects
    4. Experience with Section 407/BAA
    5. Experience with deployment/retrieval
    6. We can't think of anything else.
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  • Director of Innovation

    Are you an innovator?  Well then, let us know how you'd help YDI to innovate and increase market dominance!

    Job description:

    The director of Innovation at YDI is responsible for managing/applying overall strategy to day-to-day operations and for future operations. You will drive top line growth through all distribution channels & creation flows while enabling operational efficiencies to reduce costs and produce innovative results. You thrive on complex initiatives and creating effective teams. This position reports to the YDI Inventioneering leader.

    Primary responsibilities:
    1. Define, design, and deliver innovative innovations.
    2. Collaborate with business stakeholders to develop synergies implementable on a project roadmap.
    3. Engage remote, local and evasive design teams to define and design products that revolutionize the marketplace.
    4. Drive implementation and delivery with multiple agile engineering and design squads to coordinate, prioritize and deliver to an aggressive roadmap (same roadmap mentioned in #1, above).
    5. Support and enhance existing cross-functional project teams with measurable impact for desired outcomes.
    1. Associates’s degree (or higher) in Agile Innovation Sciences, Organization or equivalent experience in demonstrated work experience.
    2. 8+ years or relevant experience at a Fortune 1000 or Hapsa 700 company.
    3. Ability to discover and effectively communicate the true requirements underlying unanticipated feature requests, recommend alternative technical and business approaches, and lead engineering efforts to meet aggressive timelines with optimal solutions.
    4. Unquenched thirst for Innovation that is like steel in your spine or iron in your blood.
    5. 20 inch vertical leap, or higher.

    In your application, please include any relevant references, hobbies, awards, and physical gifts.

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