Entry 22 – Emotional goodbyes

By HV Smith on March 5, 2013 in Employee Weblog

An emotional week with Terry O. leaving (thanks to all who joined in to get TO the very nice YD Hologram lapel pin. It DOES look she’s winking!) Now…since I’m feeling low…and not just my blood sugar…I present another SHIT LIST.

  1. Office Baby Boom. As if it wasn’t enough to have my neighbor Carlita telling me how I need to “Settle in and get the marriages,” I have to face this at work every day, too. And did it really cost $250 for a diaper carrying bag? I thought the bag (which looks like a leather briefcase to me) would at least have some DIAPERS IN IT. Jeez. Somebody got ripped off. Oh yeah, that would be me. grumble…grumble..
  2. Frasier reruns. I am hooked. Absolutely hooked! That Niles guy kills me.
  3. The blistering heat of the staff kitchen’s dish washer. Who set this puppy for ENERGY SAVING INFERNO!?
  4. Amphibious Thursday. Nuff said.
  5. Inadvertently participating in Amphibious Thursday by wearing my swimtrunks as underwear, due to lack of supply in the clean bin. HAPPY ACCIDENTS DO HAPPEN!
  6. Access Privileges. Don’t have admin clearance? Huh? Someone tell me why I cannot download a generic media player? How am I supposed to watch Frasier at wor… never mind.
  7. New cafe trashcans. Nothing says upscale like new punched metal boxes…for holding trash. Another reason I won’t get a raise this quarter.
  8. The genius who set up this blog to read in the opposite directions of every other blog in the world. Oh, sure, it makes PERFECT sense for the current content to be AT THE END! Argh. Terry did not have a chance to fix that before he left.
  9. My new facial mask. Ok. Now will someone tell me how to clean $40 Egyptian Clay out of my washcloth??!
  10. Charging for kisses. Uh… if you’re going to put chocolates out on your desk, I don’t think it’s fair to ask for money for “replenishing purposes.” That is a choice, dude. Like my choice to reach in and take 5 and eat them in the men’s room while reading Medieval Weaponry Today. Forget I said that last part.

I’m heading off the map to the Red Baron. Bert’s dragging me to try the Fly-By Pie. I’ll probably be out the rest of the day.

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