Entry 24 – Farewell to Tyra

By HV Smith on March 7, 2013 in Employee Weblog

In case you didn’t see this – it came in coded green from the supercomputer at 7:22pm, Thursday:

“It is with great sadness that we bid adieu to our dear Deputy Director of Administration (and President of the Terrier Society, Ms. Tyra O’Neil. Tyra, or Rhonda (as she was known around the office- at least to me, until yesterday!) joined the YD Team in 1983 as an Undersecretary of Internal Distribution Policies and quickly rose through the ranks, relying on her quick wit, her generous sense of humor, and the undeniable benefit of being of Richard Thornduke’s third wife’s neice. But don’t fret! Though she leaves a substantial amount of work unfinished or simply untouched, we are confident that we will find a replacement very soon. Aside from her work with the unflappable Terrier Society, we will probably be able to phase this position out entirely in the next two years or so. Or just use a robot. (Cindy, – let’s set a meeting about this next week – I’m in Aspen till Tuesday, but can conference in if need be.)

There will be a brief cookie and orange juice farewell party in the old TD3 OrderUp! kitchen. I won’t be there – but have a cookie for me! Please wish Tyra all the best as she plans to spend the next few months with her family. And by family, I think she means Scoot and Snapper, her two Terriers. Tyra remains to the best of my knowledge, unable to reproduce by natural means. But maybe she can work on that, too. Good luck, Tyra! — DK”

Here’s Tyra’s Founder’s Brunch Photo:

If I hurry, I can snag a white chocolate cookie and a cold Cran-Raspberry CapriSun before the rest of the gang gets there.

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