YD Ventures Releases Potentiality Video

Milbrae, CA based YD Ventures (the venture capital wing of parent company, YD Industries) has just released their thrilling new inspirational video tone poem with an eye towards attracting elite entrepreneurial founders to their investment portfolio. Using the revolutionary concept of potentiality as the key, the video unlocks the inherent promise embodied by the DNA of each and every elite founder operating in a disruption market-space.

YD Ventures: The Pursuit of Potentiality

Interested founders with the potentiality to create ground-breaking startups should contact YD Ventures through their website. YD Ventures is looking for select companies with the elite make-up to create disruptive changes that will revolutionize the world and fundamentally alter markets to make life better for humankind. YD Ventures offers founders the unique opportunity to not only get financial support, but also get access to YD Industries rich Innovation history and methodologies.

The production was creatively spearheaded by the legendary San Francisco Bay Area creative agency, J.Marin & Gouin Associates and featured YD Ventures partner, Steve Musselman. The piece was filmed with three Cruz Alore 4K cameras equipped with lenses crafted in Switzerland by Heiss with glass sourced from the Gadansk Glasswerks. A Techno-Armature built by Dingle & Associates was used to create an active atmosphere for the viewer, and graphics were designed and consumer tested by The Dunsk Group in Copenhagen, Denmark.