By Steve Musselman on April 30, 2014 in Events

The YDV #Startupathoncubator launches two new startups!

Tuesday April 15th, 2014 – San Francisco – Z Below Theater

In this unique hybrid of a startup hackathon, incubator, and seminar, two teams of event participants used YD Ventures innovation techniques to develop apps and services to address mankind’s most pressing challenge:  The End of The World.


The evening began with a presentation from YD Ventures’ Steve Musselman, who shared basic information about YD Industries, YD Ventures, and YD’s Innovation Methodologies.  In addition, three YD Ventures startup portfolio founders were present to pitch their companies.  Dan St. Bernard shared the break-out that has been Crapster.  Dirk O’Dool pitched, an excess capacity tuxedo marketplace.  Finally, Rafe Carraway took a few minutes to tell the group about Fyre, the world’t first mobile app for friendly, crowd-sourced, and affordable fire-fighting at the tap of a button.


Following the presentation and a few training exercises, those present divided into two teams to forge groundbreaking startups to service the coming End of The World.  The two products were:

ENDIFYEnd of Life Experience Selector Application – Empowers users to take control of the end of their life with a personality driven Russian roulette wheel mobile app.  Premium in-app sales available for services such as Action Sport Death Vacation Package.

FECAFinal Emotional Cleanse Application – An application toolset to aid users with their mental readiness for oblivion.  Includes an emotional cleansing luffa and a working prototype VR helmet.

Both of these groundbreaking ideas were awarded very conditional seed funding term sheets from YD Ventures, which is a great sign for the future of the YD Ventures #Startupathoncubator series.