YDI Book Club

It’s a well-known fact that books pair beautifully with every season. Whether a volume is read from atop a towel on a sun warmed tropical beach or from a Navaho rug in a snowbound cabin, a solid tome sucks away the hours, activates the imagination, and connects the reader with the richness of human experience. The YD Industries Book Club has a catalog worthy of the four season reading tradition, with diverse fiction and non-fiction titles to appeal to nearly every predilection.

YD Industries Book Club

YD Industries Book Club books will capture your imagination.

YD Industries Publishing has worked tirelessly to assemble a wide-ranging portfolio of top tier books and authors. Now, for the first time ever, the entire inventory of YD Industries Publishing is available through it’s pioneering book club. All of these top selling titles (and more!) are available to YDI Book Club members:

  • Great Rope-makers of Connecticut
  • The Professional’s Guide to Hand Clapping
  • Crafting and Collecting Hand Carved Skunk Decoys
  • Martha Stewart’s Guide to Entertaining the Devil
  • 10 Fun Games to Play with Your Neighbor
  • Living with Rabies
  • Surefire Sicilian Sledgehammering Skills
  • 9 Ways to Make a Moose Spontaneously Combust
  • Flaming Moose Extinguishing Techniques
  • How to Resuscitate a Very Warm Moose
  • Escaping From Angry Mooses
  • Seeking Revenge on the Average North American Moose
  • Beautiful Places to Secretly Bury a Moose
  • How to Locate a Maggot

Joining the YD Industries Book Club couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is buy four books at regular price, two books at quarter price, choose three sale priced books, return no more than two books, exchange your favorite book for a less favorite volume, get two books for the price of one and a half, and mail in 5 box tops to receive the “Teach Your Cat to Bake” and “World’s Greatest Charlemagne Memorials” for free. Then you have nothing more to do, ever!

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