Where does Innovation come from?

Business leaders may argue about the best ways to grow a company, but many of us in the exclusive circle of knowledge know the real truth: explosive growth comes from launching new products or services to waiting markets. This requires INNOVATION! (Notice the use of all caps and an exclamation point. That was important.)

At YD Industries, we are pleased to be listed in the top ten of The World’s Most Innovative Companies compiled by Hegelman’s Business Quarterly Annual. It is our twenty seventh semi-consecutive time on this prestigious list. We are in excellent company in this top tier, alongside the organizations such as FlangeBusters.com, PCM.Ware, HoopCircle and our own industry competitor General Electric.

INNOVATION! thinking

INNOVATION! requires effort, diligence, follow-through, observation, intuition, talent, hard-work, speed, and excellent teeth.

To those who aspire to also be on a list like Hegelman’s, I offer this advice: Success is the practice of overcoming the limits of your abilities through effort, counterbalance, and directed breath of fire practice.

New business ideas are the result of solid analysis and judgment. Although these are both more or less genetically endowed talents, through daily training even you can improve your abilities in both of these areas. If you possess the mindset to improve yourself, there are numerous places where you can discover a treasure trove of INNOVATION! ideas. To get you started, some examples:

  1. Newspapers and Magazines – Chock full of amazing information and inspiration waiting to be harvested. Try cutting out images or articles you think are interesting!
  2. Young People – Watch them as they travel to and fro and you are bound to be filled with exciting new data points.
  3. Old People – Easier to keep track of than young people, since they tend to move slower, geriatrics are also an excellent source of potential INNOVATION!
  4. Seagulls – As one of the craftiest of winged beasts, watching a gull operate at your average seaside snack shack is bound to provide innumerable ideas as well as behavior models for success in the free market.

But that’s just a start, the list can go on. It’s really up to you. With the right mindset, everything you do and see can fill you with countless new ideas for explosive growth generating business. INNOVATION! is out there, for those willing to do the hard work to see and achieve it. Are you ready to improve yourself and grab the INNOVATION! brass ring?

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