Contraceptive Dinosaur Sponges

200 Million years ago, majestic dinosaurs prowled the earth eating large and leafy plants as well as each other. Volcanoes bubbled and giant beasts shrieked and wailed as they splashed in mud and chased dragonflies the size of Volkswagens. It was a thrilling epoch! That’s why YD industries decided to capture the excitement of the dinosaur era with our revolutionary new product: The Contraceptive Dinosaur Sponge!

Contraceptive Dinosaur Sponge

The Contraceptive Dinosaur Sponge: Expandable, squishy, and fun!

Continuing in our line of innovative family planning products, our collection of specially designed contraceptive dinosaur sponges magically enlarge over the course of ten exciting minutes with the addition of generous fluids. Once engorged, the sponges can be used in a number of exciting ways: to reenact fearsome dino battles, as a paint tool for crafty projects, or as a 67% effective birth control device during impromptu Jurassic themed nookie. It is truly a revolutionary, multipurpose sponge that the whole family will enjoy.

YD Industries Contraceptive Dinosaur Sponges are sold in packs of three expandable capsules. The following sponge-o-saurs can be collected: Stegosaurus, Seismosaurus, Allosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Camarasaurus, Camptosaurus, Triceratops, Diplodocus, Heterodontosaurus, and the fearsome and popular T-Rex. (Note: None of these sponges should be eaten.)

Order now! They are perfect holiday stocking stuffers or make a special mid-year treat for your child’s teacher.

SKU: DCS-1498
Item: Contraceptive Dinosaur Sponge
Type: Family Planning & Entertainment
Rehydration time: 10 minutes
Perishable: Yes

Contraceptive Dinosaur Sponges should not used to taunt reptiles
Only be emply product for 1 (one) lovemaking session before conversion to a paint tool
Contraceptive Dinosaur Sponges are guaranteed for parts and labor for 2 months
Do not use in conjunction with alcohol, bladder medications, or to subdue a walrus