Condom Burst! – flavored prophylactics for adults

A contraceptive taste explosion

With the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (aka STDs) rising with each passing hour, and with more active adults reluctant to employ currently uninspiring condoms, YD Industries researchers focused on designing a drastically improved prophylactic. Using social behavioral mapping, rigorous consumer testing, and economic flavor forcasting, the YDI family planning team developed a market-defining solution that will both increase sexual safety and bring the FUN back to sex. The result of their labor intensive design process is “Condom Burst!”, a revolutionary new sheath literally bursting with amazing flavors.

Condom Burst!

Intimate couples discover new levels of security and fulfillment with the delicious flavor profiles in every Condom Burst! condom.

While many have experienced the drab tastes of today’s novelty condoms (cherry, chocolate, et al.), YD Industries researchers determined a whole new flavor paradigm was required. In a daring act of inter-corporate synergy, the prize-winning chemists from the YD Food Sciences division teamed with the pharmacological research engineers to concoct a set of safely dynamic flavor options for “Condom Burst!”. Perfect for all sexual activities requiring a condom enshrouded appendage, the first line of lip smacking CONDOM BURST flavors include:

  • Garlic Naan
  • Denver Omelette
  • Flame Roasted Chestnuts
  • Maine Clam Bake
  • General Tsao’s Chicken
  • Pumpkin Donut
  • Bagel Dog
  • Fudge
  • Buffalo Hot Wings

Diligent deployment of “Condom Burst!”, especially when utilized according to the illustrated package directions, brings safety, security and great taste back to sexy time. Available in individual flavorings or in the very special variety sack. Can also be used as resilient, and deliciously lick-able, party balloons. Order now!

SKU: CB-43.96-OOO
Item: Condom Burst!
Type: Wrapper
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
All Season?: Yes

Condom Burst! condoms should not be used as farmer’s market bags.
Do not reuse Condom Burst! condoms when flavor disappears
All Condom Burst! condoms are rigorously tested
Individuals suffering from sexual organ claustrophobia syndrome should consult a doctor before using Condom Burst!.
Do not require refrigeration.