Next Event: August 15th Innovation Thursday

Ignite Your Inner Innovator!

When: Thursday August 15th, 8pm
Where: Z Space, 450 Florida Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
How: Reserve your seat here!

About Innovation Thursday: On August 15th, forward leaning individuals are invited to join for a Thursday evening filled with innovation, disruption, game-changing, revolutionizing, focus grouping, creativity insourcing, product development acceleration, net casting, bootstrapping, design sprinting, networking, problem solving, succeeding though failing, and quality cheap beer. With dynamic PowerPoint slides and the occasional guest speaker, YD Industries moderator Steve Musselman will guide participants through the YD Industries developed products, techniques and methodologies designed to ignite the inner innovator. It’s fun, exciting, and will fundamentally change the world.

YDI Break-Out

Innovators at a recent YDI focus group gather in dynamic break-out groups around the Schlitz coolers.

About YD Industries Events: YD Industries’ stated mission is to impact lives around the globe and, as a result, the corporation has engaged in an aggressive public education campaign through a series of rule breaking live events. Most recently, YDI has been awarding YDIIIGs (YD Industries Innovation Igniter Grants) to innovative performance concerns such as San Francisco’s performance arts collective, Z Space. The gift provides Z Space with the resources and support required to foster internal innovation under the tutelage of YD Industries trained corporate thought leaders. The Innovation Evenings are one of the exciting outgrowths of the YDI & Z Space synergy, and both parties look forward to inviting the public at large to a seat at the innovation table! So, pull up a chair!

Starring and Featuring the men, women, ideas and products of YD Industries
Steve Musselman – Moderator
Dean Cramer – Advisor
Peter Nachtrieb – Innovation-turg
Barney Lippman – Choreographer
Lisa Steindler – Executive Enabler

Ticket Reservations happen HERE
Free Schlitz (or soda) with all advance ticket purchases
Business casual attire is recommended
Strobe lights will not be in use for this event.