YDI Focus Group 2.0 – 5/10/2013 San Francisco

YDI Focus Group 2.0 yields abundance of consumer data

May 10th, 2013 – San Francisco – Z Below Theater

While much of San Francisco was busy protesting new PG&E smart meters, a brilliant group of 47 American consumers gathered to engage in a furious round of market feedback and research. YD Industries moderator Steve Musselman let the group in a mild multimedia extravaganza while participants entered written comments on YDI feedback forms, added verbal commentary, and engaged in furious brainstorming around new product concepts. YD Industries products discussed included: Digi-Doubloons, Fat Supplements (including Butter Pups), The Pool Gondola in addition to several unreleased concept prototypes.

YDI Focus Group 2.0

After completing dynamic break-out meetings, the YD Industries 2.0 Focus Group poses for a commemorative photograph.

YDI focus group 2.0 breakoutWhen the YDI product presentation was completed by Steve Musselman, the assembled participants broke out into five different groups – Pounder, Monk, Flounder, Merlin, and Serfs – to brainstorm new products. The innovation spirit was palpable as each group considered the possibilities presented by five varied objects currently occupying space in the YD Industries overstock warehouse.

Following each’s groups product presentation, the assembly dispersed to drink Schlitz, eat cookies, and engage in networking. If you’d like to host a YDI focus group in your neighborhood, please email marketing traffic coordinator Margaret Burke any inquiries.