Digi-Doubloons – the very best alternative currency

With economies collapsing, currencies fluctuating, and precious metal prices on a turbulent roller coaster ride, YD Industries knows that consumers are seeking a reliable form of alternative currency in which to place their faith. That’s why our financial wizards have concocted the breakthrough YD Industries Digi-Doubloon!

The YDI Digi-Doubloon is a foolproof electronic currency completely immune to the ups and downs of the human world. That’s because it’s digital (or electronic)! It’s also, thankfully, divorced from the kind of unchecked money printing whims commonplace amongst liberal, spendthrift central-bankers. That’s because the Digi-Doubloon is governed by dispassionate computers that use actual math! By generating a fixed but randomized supply of new currency through a network of electronic sensory inputs, the YD Digi-Doubloon is assured of near crash-proof stability. Watch the video below to see how easy our monetary system is to understand:

What could be easier? What could be safer? What could be less prone to the whims of a human emotion and speculation than an unregulated alternative currency? Simply stated, Digi-Doubloons just make sense. No government banks, no precious metals to mine, just a great big collection of arbitrary virtual “gold” coins that have been randomly minted and that hold no inherent value other than your faith in their validity!

Order now! Only $9.99 for your first Doubloon.

SKU: DD-009
Item: The Digi-Doubloon
Type: Currency
Portion: 1 Digi-Doubloon.
Weight: Digital gold equivalent

Safe harbor compliant
Generated by repetitive mouse clicks
NOT a fiat currency! (Because it’s digital, and made with mouse clicks)
You can not use a Digi-Doubloon to buy Daikon root at the market
You CAN use a Digi-Doubloon to buy something from someone who also thinks they’re valuable.

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