Butter Pups – A push-up snack for kids

With Butter Pups, the delicious push-up butter snack for kids, research scientists at YD Industries Industrial Digestibles Division have notched another success in their series of innovative releases for the hungry consumer. When looking for the perfect snack for growing children, what can be more popular or delicious than a creamy stick of butter product?

Butter Pups

After school butter licking was never more popular than with YDI’s Butter Pups!

YDI’s Butter Pups come packaged in individual push-up containers that make licking fresh milk fat product both convenient as well as fun! Parents worried about providing the perfect snack for their offspring can rest easy when they reach in the fridge to grab a fresh Butter Pup Pak. Heck, who’s going to say anything if they have one themselves! Butter Pups are a family snack, best enjoyed by the whole family, and go great with a movie night on the sofa, a backyard summer sprinkler party, or a long car trip to French speaking Canada.

YDI’s Butter Pups come in several delicious flavors including: Sweet, Salted, Irish Cream, and Neapolitan (a delicious layering of sweet, salted and Terragon flavors). The handy push-up dispenser can also be used to conveniently spread on toast, pans, or raw poultry.

SKU: BP-H-G778
Item: The Butter Pup
Type: Snackable
Serving Size: 1 Pup = 4 ounces
count: 6 Pups per Pak

Main ingredients come from cows
Cows are milked twice daily
Doctors recommend no more than 3 Pups per sitting
In some studies, heavy Pup consumption has been linked to restless finger syndrome
Product should be refrigerated

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