YDI Focus Group 1.0 – 4/1/2013 San Francisco

YDI Focus Group 1.0 yields productive consumer feedback

April 1st, 2013 – San Francisco – Z Below Theater

On a brilliant moonlit Monday night, YD Industries moderator Steve Musselman welcomed a group of 44 American consumers to be part of a groundbreaking marketing focus group. Prompted by a multimedia presentation, participants provided feedback via written questionnaires, opinionated discussion, and dynamic break-out groups. In addition to sharing some YD Industries background with the eager crowd, Mr. Musselman solicited feedback on YD Industries products including: Indian Duck Shit, Nose Hair Extensions, Pica as well as several still in development projets.

YD Industries Focus Group 1.0

The YD Industries 1.0 Focus Group strikes a pose just after completing breakout sessions, and moments before Schlitz & Kuchen.

YDI Focus Group 1.0 logosAfter the multimedia extravaganza, the four assembled break-out teams – Pica, Duck, Ziffer, and Brontosaurus – set their sights on the YD Industries logo and suggested several novel approaches. These included a concept collage, plays on font styles, and an appealing coat of arms. It clearly demonstrated that great design is best realized by hurried committee compromise.

All told, it was an extremely productive consumer feedback session where invaluable information was collected by YD Industries. If you’d like to host a YDI focus group in your neighborhood, please email marketing traffic coordinator Margaret Burke any inquiries.