Tofu Fed Beef

The talented research scientists at YD Industries Industrial Digestibles Division have been working long and hard to develop protein sources that will appeal the largest consumer groups possibile. After many iterations to conjure a product that lives up to YD Industries exacting quality and taste standards, we’re proud to announce the launch of: Tofu Fed Beef! It’s the steak that will appeal to the ardent carnivore as well as their vegetarian companion!

Tofu Fed Beef

Our tofu-fed beefs are winning prizes at fairs across the land.

YD Industries cattle are lovingly raised on a diet of organic tofu and other vegetarian morsels (such as tempeh, seitan, and nut butters). They live within the nurturing confines of our 100% hemp yurts on the YD Industries YYY Ranch. While on the ranch, the angus steers are encouraged to practice tantric grazing, group moo chanting, and to avoid all cheese and egg products. The herd is serenaded nightly with relaxing flute music, bathed in sage incense, given acupressure massage, and led in non-denominational morning prayer. Clearly, you will not find better tofu-fed cows in the marketplace.

Ultimately, however, our cattle are slaughtered, packaged and delivered to your specialized grocer, fine dining establishments, or directly to your home via YD Industries innovative “Beef 2U” drone delivery program. Order now, while supplies last!

SKU: FP-107
Item: Tofu Fed Beef
Type: Digestible
Class: Delta
Vegetarian: Yes

All vegetarian diet
Daily Jazzercise
All animals named “Bill” and the like, as opposed to a long number
Only homeopathic medicines provided
No animals are ridden or ridiculed

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