Bird Caller Interview on “The Town Talks”

Rock Hutchenson

Bird Caller Interviewer Rock Hutchenson of YDI’s The Town Talks.”

In the award winning YD Industries syndicated interview show, “The Town Talks,” host Rock Hutchenson leads a series of fascinating conversations with some of the great thinkers and dynamic personalities of our times. In addition to the bird caller interview showcased in this post, we are pleased to offer a complete set of Rock’s conversations for enjoyment at home, during the commute, at the office or for intellectual development at elite private schools.

The Town Talk interviews, are in a category by themselves, distinguished by the unique approach of host and executive producer Rock Hutchenson. “A remarkable blend of deliberateness and soft speaking, genuine ability and above average IQ,” says the Omaha Daily Bugle. To get a taste of Rock’s groundbreaking show, listen to this gripping conversation with Simon LeGras, a professional bird caller:

If you enjoyed Rock’s head to head with Simon LeGras, you will certainly enjoy the other “Town Talks” discussions included in the collection:

  1. Nancy Bartholemu – Toilet designer – Talks about flush physics as well as how she was raised by a Cajun.
  2. Horatio Garth – Animal trainer – Recounts his days in the army and describes how he executed his own vasectomy.
  3. Prang Na – Vietnamese jockey – Talks about coming in third at the Belmont and how horses use flash cards to learn the Vietnamese language.
  4. Barney “Da Dawg” Hamilton – Armless jazz legend – Plays his clarinet and talks about overcoming his fear of doorknobs.

The entire Collection is available on CD, cassette, 33rpm vinyl, and can also be heard for 99 cents a minute at our secret 999 number. Dial now!

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