YDI Success Clinic @ Brooklyn, NYC

YDI Success Clinic for NYC Executives a success!

YD Industries moderators Steve Musselman and Dean Kramer traveled to New York City’s Brooklyn borough to teach a select group of executives specialized IDACSU methodologies as part of a special YDI Success Clinic. This small group of high functioning managers were selected based upon submitted performance metrics, and based on the size of the entrance fee checks submitted by their respective organizations.

YDI Success Clinic NYC

As was the case with this New York clinic, YD Industries thrives working intimately with select groups of executives on their success.

The inspired collection of industry talent were riveted by the dynamic presentation staged by Kramer and Musselman. The group ingested a staggering blizzard of power point slides and achieved new levels of output after intensive break-out sessions and rigorous role-play. It was one of the more memorable gatherings of executive talent in recent YD Industries memory, and all were inspired to achieve post seminar.