In today’s ever-changing modern battlefield, new missile and firearm technologies must be developed for nations or rogue states looking to retain a competitive advantage over a worthy adversary. In addition, members of security minded households or neighborhood watch squads (aka – militias) have also realized the benefits of stockpiling the armaments needed for a common defense in case of unforeseen aggression by evildoers.

Staff researchers at YD Industries Defense Development Unit have designed a weapon that will complete and enhance even the most advanced and ordinance rich arms depot. It’s the YD Industries Surface to Surface to Air to Water to Surface to Around Rock to Air to Behind Tree to Target Missile (YDISSAWSARABTTM). It’s easily the most technically advanced and difficult to track shoulder launched missile system available in the modern marketplace.


The typical flightpath of YD Industries YDISSAWSARABTTM Missile.

Capable of delivering any payload under the weight of nine pounds, the YDISSAWSARABTTM can be used to take out enemy aircraft, ground vehicles, amphibious craft, boats and submersibles, or strangers with malicious intentions. In addition, the missile system can be used to: carry coded messages, notarize documents, clean delicate undergarments, store and play over 5000 minutes of music, and hold over thirty yards of mint dental floss.

Order now while vast inventories last!

Release Date: 03.12.09
Type: Launchable
Class: Hock
Flammable: Yes

60 day mechanical warranty
30 days of dial-up customer support
Instruction manual with 35 illustrations
Ergonomically designed trigger mechanism
Holster (sold separately)

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