Nose Hair Extensions

Fashion can be difficult for the layman (or laywoman) to understand. Just as one person dons acid washed ripped jeans and a wig fashioned out of mint leaves, another shaves their hair, paints their skull red and wears a giant ball shaped dress. Who’s to say who’s right? How does a normal person keep up with the latest styles and trends? Wouldn’t it be easier if there was something you could wear that would always be in vogue?

Nose hair extensions

A model shows off the “El Norton” nose hair extension.

Researchers at YD Industries Product Development Labs have gone about developing just such an eternally “in” accessory item. After multiple focus groups, anti gravity tests, color consultations, and our patented salad spinner safety probe, we’ve arrived at a fun, creative and exciting means for the general public to confidently keep up with fashion trends. We proudly offer: YD Industries Nose Hair Extension Kit!

Our Nose Hair Extensions come in all colors, lengths, and textures for the perfect match with your natural follicles. In addition, our extensions can be fashioned into exciting styles such as; Corn rows, The Pippi Longstocking, The Flat-Top, The Van Dyke, The El Norton, or even The Upsidedown Beehive. The possibilities are endless! And because YD Industries researchers have done their homework, you can rest assured that your nose hair extensions will be appropriate for any occasion or setting.

So don’t hesitate to join the world of the “in” fashion crowd. Order your YD Industries Nose Hair Extensions now! All Extension Kits come with a special nose comb, application bonding cement, and handy idea booklet.

When ordering, be sure to ask your operator about our Summer Specials!

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