Another Successful YDI “Fun at Work Day”

Employees at YD Industries enjoyed yet another successful, “Fun at Work Day” this past week. During this special event, staff members were encouraged to actually enjoy their time at the office and, “have fun.” While select employees had difficulty having fun, especially those in more menial positions, supervisors did their best to enforce the fun edict. We are happy to report that no positions were “trimmed” this year due to non-participation in the fun.

Fun at work in progress

Everyone loves fun at work day!

Some employees increased their fun by sharing hard and sour candies with co-workers. Others added to their fun by getting up and sprinting to the bathroom, humming softly, twitching, making contorted facial expressions, taking short seated naps, and rolling their tongues over the grooves of their cubicle power strips. CEO Richard Thronduke III even got into the mix and wore a fun straw hat. He commented, “We’ve found it’s important to our overall success as a company that that employees have fun while at work. That’s why we dedicate one day a year to having fun.”

Altogether the day was a great success. While all enjoyed having fun at work, everyone was relieved to return to their routine, mechanical, and monotonous habits the following day.

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