Promotion: Missy Bithume – Moving Up!

Missy Bithume promotion

The Missy Bithume promotion brings proven managerial success to YD Industries.

YD Industries is pleased to announce the promotion of Missy Bithume to Executive Vice District Manager of Food Sciences Development and Administration. Former Wing Manager of Territory 6A, Missy brings four weeks of exacting YD Industries work experience to the E.V.D.M. position. Before working at YD Industries, Missy worked at Rolonco Inc., Skeradoooo Ltd. and received her BA in lateral business engineering at PKI Polytechnic in South Dakota.

Ms. Bithume will be reporting directly to Jim Hollowapple, Senior Aggregate President of YD Industries Gourmet Sciences. She is tasked with the challenging but exciting job of overseeing new product development while assuring continued success with YDI’s proven marketplace winners, such as Indian Duck Shit. In addition, by applying her well honed lateral business skills to the offshore supply-chain quarterly fulfillment cycle, we anticipate greatly improved delivery dynamics throughout the business unit.

Missy Bithume is a mother of four, an avid golfer, loving wife to husband Bert, and expert gardener. Missy’s home cured prunes have won blue ribbons at County Fairs across the country. Missy also has no sweat glands.

We all look forward to Missy’s continued success in her new position, and believe she has what it takes to bring YDI Food sciences to the next level.

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