Recently the American Office for Physical Health of our Nation’s Youth (AOPHNY) released a report that dramatically documented a marked decline in the physical fitness of our children. We have a nation filled with out-of-shape youth!


Proper Aerodung throwing grip – best for speed and accuracy.

The challenge has become to wrench youngsters away from their TVs and computers and get them to run, skip, jump, shoot birds and throw rocks and sharp sticks like generations of children before them. The lure of pursuing a rolling ball pales in comparison to the adrenaline rush experienced when interacting with colored 3D graphics and watching exciting TV shows with animated robot giraffes. America, however, has nothing to fear! Researchers at YD Industries have developed the ultimate plaything that will lure youths off the couch and onto the nearest playing field. It’s called: Aero-Dung™!

A brown sphere is the heart of the Aero-Dung™ activity. It is launched via hand or slingshot towards an opponent armed with only a trash can lid. Teams and individuals attempt to dodge and collect Aero-Dung™ spheres belonging to the opposing force. Countless hours are spent in breathless exercise as our patented and unique spheres are harmlessly exchanged between youth groups.

So order now to get your own Aero-Dung™ Playset. It comes complete with eight spheres, 2 trash can lids and 2 strands of surgical tubing. Aero-Dung™ will get your child outdoors and back in top physical fitness. Good for your kid, and good for America!

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