YDI Acquires Castle Pounder Restaurants

YDI Castle Pounder Press Release

Combined Company to Deliver Industry-Defining Fast Food

New Rochelle, NY. – YD Industries today announced a definitive all-stock transaction to acquire Castle Pounder, the fastest growing restaurant chain in the Northeast United States. The combination of YD Industries and Castle Pounder will marry the great and unique tastes of the upstart Northeast food franchise with the global reach and marketing savvy of YD Industries. Together, the two companies will meet a wider set of customer appetites and have a significantly greater opportunity to grow into new markets, particularly in the Southwest United States, Guam, and the Philippines.

Using Castle Pounder’s already established menu winners such as The Ostrich Pounder, Flounder Nibs and Fried Celery Fans, YD Industries food sciences looks forward to introducing new product as the restaurant brand grows. The offerings could include already established YDI food marketplace winners such as Zeus’ Thunder Cola but would likely also be an outlet for newly developed products such as the rumored “Mighty Meat Sticks on another Stick.”

Additionally, YD Industries looks forward to the opportunity to use the growth and presence of Castle Pounder to market many of it’s entertainment offerings and products with tie-ins and giveaways that will surely excite the consumer. Plans are already in place to give-away Mastodon action figures with every Queen’s Pouch or regular sized order of Flounder Nibs in the Spring of 2006.

All parties involved with the transaction look forward to a long and fruitful relationship that will result in explosive growth and innovation in the realm of mass product restauranting.

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