Order Up! menu innovations

After a very successful trial run at all 11 cafeterias on the YDI Campus in New Rochelle, new lunch menu innovations will be rolling out at all YD Industries operated Order Up! institutional food center franchises across the country. Look for these daily specials at your favorite local cafeteria, hospital, zoo, or group home.

Order Up! Menu Innovations

The Order Up! staff are excited to introduce a new menu they’ve “whipped” up.


The New Order Up! Weekday Menu:

Chicken Bullets, Capsulized Cheeseburgers, Green Pea Shooters, Whole Potatoes, Air Tossed Salad in a Cup, Condiment Bar, Fresh Fruit Cocktail, Sally’s Cookies, Prune Juice, Milk

Chili/Cheese “Dunkers”, Funky Chunky Pork Bun, Green Bean Fingers, Rice Slings, Stewed Tomatoes, Air Tossed Salad in a Bowl, Condiment Bar, Fresh Fruit, Pam’s Pearl Pudding Cups, Tomato Juice, Milk

Spaghetti in a Box, Garlic Bread Swords, Bagel Dog Nibblers, Broccoli, Tater Tots, Heartland Bisque, Air Tossed Salad in a Cone, Condiment Bar, Fresh Fruit, Freda’s Famous Flan, Prune Juice, Milk

Sub Captain’s Sandwich with Lettuce/Tomato/Clams, Texi-Taco Terrine, Baked Lays, Hammered Rice, Air Tossed Salad in a Squeeze Bag, Condiment Bar, Rosalinda’s Apple Pie Popsicles, Fresh Fruit, Apricot Juice, Milk

Manager’s “Meat of the Week” Special, Pepperoni Pizza Tubes, Stewed Artesian Sagebrush, Peas & Carrots, Fruited Jello, Air Tossed Salad on a Brick, Condiment Bar, Apple Slices, Betty’s Brownie Blowout Bar, Prune Juice, Milk

This dynamic meal plan is the result of a collaboration between the YD Inventioneering Squad, YDI Food Science Engineers, and the Order Up! management team.  Countless customer submitted feedback surveys were consulted, and extensive taste tests and focus groups were consulted on all menu innovations.  We are well aware that it’s hard to make EVERYONE happy ALL of the time, but we think we’ve got a great menu line-up with some innovatively tasty lunching items for all palates.

When you patronize your local Order Up!, please print this menu out, write your name on top, and circle the items you want in green ink. Doing so will dramatically speed up your order during the 11-1:30 pm lunch rush, and you’ll also get an extra credit on your Order Up! Meal Deals Punchcard.  Win Win!


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