Indian Duck Shit

Taste Researchers at YD Industries have searched long, far, near, under, and over for new developments in the ever changing world of gourmet victuals. After many wrong turns and near misses, we’ve finally unearthed one of the most exciting and delectable taste sensations of the past quarter century: Indian Duck Shit!

Indian Duck Shit

The Taj Mahal plays host to some of India’s rarest waterfowl, and its best duck shit.

This amazing product consists of a delicious hybrid of the highest quality shit produced by wild ducks native to India. Harvested in the majestic shadow of some of India’s finest landmarks (see the Taj Mahal, above), YD Industries Duck Shit is fueled by representatives across the Indian Duck kingdom: the Mumbai Mallard, the Tufted Mahal, the Bengali Bufflehead, as well as the rare and prized Bangalore Wood Duck.

After much research into the Indian duck’s digestive process, YD Industries scientists have developed a groundbreaking, patent pending, and FDA approval pending methodology for collecting and processing duck shit. Using top flight analysis and rigorous consumer A/B testing, YD Industries is proud and confident that you’ll be fully blown away by our premium shit.

To fully enjoy your Indian Duck Shit, try spreading it on warm whole grain toast or shaving it over ice cream. Athletes will find the texture and nutritional make-up perfect for challenging training regimens. The elderly have been know to delight in throwing them at their attendants. Truly, the possibilities for Duck Shit are endless!

Title: Indian Duck Shit
Release Date: 03.12.90
Type: Snackable
Class: Jimmystick
Flammable: Maybe

Represented Ducks: Mumbai Mallard, Tufted Mahal, Bangalore Wood Duck
Shit Serving Size – 1oz.
Shits Per Container – 204
Shit Color – Brown, White and Pink
Percent of RDA recommended daily shit allowance – 15%

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