Use Your Hands – The Instructional DVDs

Use Your Hands

Dr Phillippe knows all the secrets of hand using.

Now you can own the revolutionary “Use Your Hands” system developed by Dr. Phillippe De Rochambaly! When Dr. Phillippe developed his groundbreaking method for using hands, YD Industries immediately saw the value in his teachings. After experiencing a series of in-house training seminars firsthand, a forward thinking team of executives part of the YD Aerospace Inside Sales Team pushed the YDI MARCOM division to develop a multimedia Use Your Hands curriculum for the everyperson.

The rest, as they say, is history. All YD Industries employees now learn the De Rochambaly hand using formula as part of new employee orientation, and the results speak for themselves. If you could see the YD Industries results graph (which can’t be released, because it’s secret) you’d be really impressed! Luckily, you can now own the DVDs and learn the De Rochambaly hand using system right from the comfort of your own home sofa or local library screening room. You’ll be able to plot your progress on your own impressive graph! Check out the infomercial to learn more:

So, what are you waiting for? Get the DVD set that everyone is talking about, and start using your hands just like the professionals!

Title: Use Your Hands DVDs
Release Date: 03.12.07
Type: Covalent
Class: Proud Eagle
Innocent: Yes

Comes with:
37 DVDs
Laminate Collector’s Disc Case
Finger weights
6 months of customer support
Complimentary lotion

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