Hypothetical Mastodon Calls

Mastodons! Those great hair covered, tusked creatures of the ice age. Where did they go? Where did they come from? What did they eat? Could they stand on one leg? These probing questions were posed during a recent informal paleontology roundtable in the break-room of YD Industries Sonic Pathways division. Scientists and engineers snacked on month old ripple chips and discussed the large, extinct, elephant-like creature. Then one voice dared to ask the question: What did mastodon calls sound like?

The magnificent mastodon calls!

When one mastodon calls, others listen.

Needless to say, the thought of mastodon calls sent all meeting members present into an absolute frenzy of contemplation. Unfortunately, due to the lack of hi fidelity recording equipment some 10,000 years ago, there are not any quality recordings of these magnificent creatures. That’s why the team at YD Industries Sonic Pathways developed this groundbreaking disc: “Hypothetical Mastodon Calls!”

Preview the following exciting tracks:

Also included on this disc:

  1. Mastodon panics at the sight of ice rat
  2. Mastodon tells another Mastodon to “just chill”
  3. Mastodon finds huge dung pile
  4. Mastodon enjoys the glorious sunrise

And  many, many more. Recorded with the Neuman PKL-420 microphone in a subsonic airspace for maximum resonance and fidelity, you will be amazed at the deep, often heartwarming, hypothetical sounds of these magnificent ancient beasts.

Order now and take a sonic voyage into our collective recent geologic past!

Title: Hypothetical Mastodon Calls
Release Date: 03.12.11
Type: Floating
Class: Flood
Clamp: No

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