Entry 7 – Turkey in the Mailroom

By HV Smith on January 27, 2013 in Employee Weblog

There’s a Turkey in the Mailroom!!

I made my usual Monday morning trip down to see Tom Needleburn (LMAO when I heard his name the first time!) our postal specialist. I guess you could say I look up to Tom, which is why I make a point to start off my week settin’ for a spell with old man Needleburn. He’s not THAT much older than me, but I like ribbin him about our miniscule differences. LOL! Probably cause we’re into so many of the same things…we were both scouts as kids, we both collect medieval weaponry, and we both share a love of the one and only Tazmanian Devil! We used to go out to a great Chinese joint down on Weyman Street, past the docks. I don’t know why, but all the waiters wore WB character shirts. Like regular white dress shirts with Taz, Tweety, Sylvester and Taz, Bugs, the WORKS! It was so great. But after a month or so, the shirts were gone – and when I asked what happened to the fun shirts everyone wore, Elaine, the owner, simply said that someone complained!! Who does that? How can you complain about fun?

Anyway – Tom and I talked about it today and just as I started getting steamed all over again, I took a look at the calendar someone had put up in the receiving room. It was one of those free calendars we sometimes get from our vendors, but there must have been some misunderstanding at the printers (happens all the time) because it is April and the picture is of a Turkey!!! I mean, a turkey in April??? So funny. We laughed till our stomachs hurt. I have to remember tomorrow to call Tom and instead of saying any words, just do a gobble gobble and hang up.

Today is totally the day for some turkey jerkey!

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