Innovative Innovation Monday – 7/15/2013 San Francisco

Innovation Monday releases it’s first batch of Innovator Graduates

Monday July 15th, 2013 – San Francisco – Z Below Theater

On a seasonably foggy June night in San Francisco, an intrepid group of free-thinkers gathered to learn the secrets of applying the YD Industries Innovation methodologies in their own lives. After check-in, YDI’s Steve Musselman led the group in a short warm-up, and then gave a very abbreviated presentation covering YD Industries history, scope, and best practices. Following the presentation, attendees were able to apply what they had learned about IDACSU, Yes, and other methodologies to a short breakout exercise.

YDI Innovation Monday

A few Innovation Monday participants take a moment during their break out to pose for a photograph.

YDI Innovation Monday

A few Innovators at work during the break-out session.

It was during the break-out, that the power of the assembled talent became abundantly clear. Collaborating with each other using positive reinforcement techniques, the intrepid students quickly developed a wealth of new ideas and came up with marketing plans for such innovative products as: The Cheese-a-Fire fondue flume, Sparky’s Woggs robotic dog walking boots, The Gramp Stamp tattoo for the elderly, and Carnine Products bark control windows and low woofer speakers.

Following the group’s innovation findings presentation, the assembly dispersed to imbibe Schlitz, eat cookies, and engage in networking. If you’d like to host a YDI focus group at your company or in your neighborhood, please email marketing traffic coordinator Margaret Burke any inquiries.

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