Standing Balance Ball Hydro Treadmill Desk

Every once in awhile, a tech product comes along with the enormous potential to change lives.   When researchers at YD Industries ActivityLabs engaged themselves with the important challenge of not only reducing workplace inactivity, but also generating a fitter, healthier workforce, they developed a revolutionary solution:  The Standing Balance Ball Hydro Treadmill Desk

Hydro Treadmill Desk

Innovative hydro flume technology activates the footing sphere to engage core muscles throughout the workday.

The Standing Balance Ball Hydro Treadmill Desk is a dynamic workstation that generates energy as it enhances employee fitness by harnessing the power of movement throughout the traditionally sedentary workday.  While sitting is currently ranked as the world’s #1 position,  due in large measure to one of YD Industries most successful products, funded scientists are just now now seeing the benefits of exercise in overall health.  By incorporating fluid dynamics, unstable platforms, adjustable shelving, and long tail process technologies, this YD Industries designed product is poised to change the fundamental nature of offices world over.

The Standing Balance Ball Hydro Treadmill Desk has a number of positive outcomes:

  • Continuous engagement of essential, and trendy, core muscle groups
  • Employee’s increased performance in intramural sports activities
  • Safety is guaranteed with the IntelliBall laser guided gyroscope hydrosphere
  • Water flume also supports farmed Rainbow Trout  or Tilapia (sold separately)
  • Increases creativity through dynamic movement while capturing and recycling sweat
  • Soothing water sounds contribute data proven feng shui results
  • Guaranteed gluten free
  • Converts to a waterbed with 5 simple modifications, perfect for afternoon recovery naps

The unit comes with an adjustable desk that works for heights ranging from 4′ to 6’10”.  The water flume jets can propel the walk speed from .25/mph to 25/mph, and are easily set via a desktop mounted keypad complete with a detachable safety key.  Comes with a built in fire-extinguisher, electronics power strip, desk plant clasp, and bluetooth thermometer. Can be docked with 7 other workstations for effective and engaging meetings.  Order now.

Item: Standing Balance Ball Hydro Treadmill Desk
Type: Workplace Activity Module
Assembly time: 3 days (excluding irrigation trenching)
Manufacture Location: Milpitas, CA

Do not attempt to operate product in below freezing temperatures
Coffee maker attachment sold separately
Trout habitat sold separately
Wheelchair accessible hydro-treadmill desk available via special order
Do not operate under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms

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