The Bathtub Gargoyle

After a hard day out in the hectic world, what can be better than relaxing in bubbling, scented hot water? How about a romantic soak for two in an oversized Jacuzzi bath with a bottle of the finest sparkling wine? That’s pretty darned good too! I mean, who doesn’t love a bath?

The bath gargoyle

Relaxing after a hard day has never been easier than with the Bathtub Gargoyle watching over you!

Researchers at YD Industries have thought long and hard about how to make the already amazing experience of taking a bath that much better. After much testing and deliberation, we’ve  found the answer: The Bathtub Gargoyle!

With the YD Industries Bathtub Gargoyle perched at the edge of your bathing vessel, watching your every move, you’ll feel even more relaxed that you ever thought possible. With his stone googly eyes and demented stare pointed straight at you, your bathing experience will be forever altered.

Our Bath Gargoyles are crafted out of the finest stones from the famed quarries of Macedonia, and shipped to you complete with installation bracing, instructions, and gargoyle care tips. With an additional adapter pack, the gargoyle can just as easily be mounted on your toilet in which case it is no longer a Bath Gargoyle, but a Toilet Gargoyle!

Order now. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery from Macedonia.

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