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By HV Smith on March 1, 2013 in Employee Weblog

So here was an interesting bit from a recent email. Seems my recent flurry of eBay purchases has set off some kind of alarm higher up. TGFTN (Thank God for Tom Needleburn)!

Begin forwarded email:

YD Mail Services provides a wide range of mail processing, collection, and delivery services to the greater YD campus and beyond. Like many departments, Mail Services has in the past few years struggled with budget cuts, higher labor costs, outsourcing, criminal investigations, and layoffs. In this challenging environment, we regularly examine all of our services to ensure that our limited resources are being properly utilized. One item of concern we have discovered is the widespread use of YD mail services for personal, non- essential business related purposes.

YD Mail Services Policy 317 states: “Company mail services are provided exclusively for official YD related use… Personal mail, personal bills, and letters are not considered official business, and may neither be received in YD departments nor sent out at company expense.” YDMS-68 states: “No materials delivered through the company mail service shall be of a personal nature, such as merchandise catalogs, monthly bills, animal food, mail order brides, auction purchases, and Christmas cards or invitations to private functions.”

We ask that all members of the YD community take responsibility for compliance with company policy regarding mail services.

Bruce Chow
YD Mail Services Enterprises

zzzzzzzzzzz….whoops! I fell asleep reading this riveting treatise on how to use mail correctly. I think when I make $37,286 BEFORE taxes, YD could afford to buy me a few James Baldwin stamps and handle the infrequent receipt of a few items of the medieval persuasion from North Carolina.

Bruce. Now officially on my top ten worst names. Right now I need about five of those chewable cherry asprin tablets.

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