The Cat Bidet

The Cat Bidet

Cats could spend all day in a good bidet!

Everyone knows cats love a good cleaning. We’ve all seen them spend hours licking themselves furiously before regurgitating unsightly hairballs. However, few pet owners realize that when the kitties have access to a bidet they save their tongues and spend hours luxuriating in the lukewarm stream of the quality bathroom appliance. Unfortunately, most bidets are designed for humans, and are often too powerful and abrasive for delicate housecat anatomy. In addition, large metal knobs and dials are difficult for the average cat to operate.

We at YD Industries Research Labs have developed a sanitation device that is bound to please even the most finicky feline. Constructed with a durable, flash-fired French porcelain, the YD Industries Cat Bidet is a product your meowing companion will delight in using. The Cat Bidet comes with an on-board control panel complete with large press buttons emblazoned with icons specifically designed for comprehension in cat language. A sophisticated computer chip records a furry pet’s individual temperature and pressure preferences, and can store separate information profiles for up to three cats.

Simple, easy to clean, and a delight on the eye, the Cat Bidet is the product that you and your furry friend have been waiting for. You won’t know how you managed without it! Order now!

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