YDI Gives Back – Charitable Contributions

Over the last two months, YD Industries has made charitable contributions totaling $5,321 to a number of worthy organizations. The gifts are an affirmation of our company’s continued commitment to give back to the community that made us a successful enterprise.

Charity giving

YD Industries Minister of Charitable Donations (YDIMCD), Thaddeus Roldom,
seen here wearing traditional gift-giving headdress and medallion, presents a check to Butch Huntley of the Scottish Highland Youth Re-Education Center (SHYREC).

We are especially pleased that the funds for our gifts were in large measure raised by our employees through a series of benefit themed events. With May came our annual “Expensive Caviar and Wine Tasting Benefit,” which was well attended by over 300 company managers and their well-attired spouses. That function netted over $1,532 for charity after catering expenses were deducted.

June brought our always enjoyable “Jewel Auction for Children in Hospitals,” in which precious stones were sold to the highest bidder and a percentage of the net proceeds were donated. Our charitable tithe for this year’s evening topped out at $2,345. More importantly, our executives enjoyed a fantastic party where the Veuve Cliquot flowed and rare stones were inebriatedly swapped in a tax-free environment.

All in all, it looks like another banner year of philanthropic activity for YD Industries. The coming months bring the following popular fundraisers: “Yacht Cruise for the Rain Forest,” “YD Industries Celebrity Golf for Africa Invitational,” and “Afternoon Polo and Crab Feed for the Orphans.” Certainly, we expect to report continued dramatic gift-giving after these upcoming fundraising festivities.

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